Journalist of al-Jazeera killed, PNA rejects “joint investigation” with Israel. Tel Aviv: “Sorry, but the fight against terrorism continues”

Mutual exchanges of accusations between Palestinians And Israelis on the day of the funeral of the Journalist from al-Jazeera Shireen Abu Aklehkilled Tuesday by a bullet at the head during an Israeli military forces (IDF) operation in the refugee camp of Jeninin West Bankwhich resulted in firefights with the Palestinian militiamen. L’Palestinian National Authority rejected Israel’s request for a joint investigation: the Minister of Civil Affairs Hussein al-Sheikh on Twitter he wrote that the NPC will carry out his investigation “in a manner independent”And the results will be disclosed“ in full transparency ”. The 51-year-old reporter, a well-known face of Palestinian journalism, had dual nationality, Palestinian and American. When she was killed she was wearing a helmet, safety vest with the words “Press“And he was with other journalists, said colleague Ali Samodi, of the Al Quds network, who was injured in the clashes.

Samodi explained that the group of reporters was in “the vicinity of the UNRWA schools, near the Jenin refugee camp” and that the group “was directly targeted by the occupation forces”. Already in the first hours after the murder, al Jazeera had declared that the reporter had been killed “in cold blood by the Israeli forces”, a version confirmed by the Palestinian authorities and denied by the Israeli prime minister. Naftali Bennett: “Palestinian president accuses Israel without solid evidence”.

Un, United States And European authorities have firmly condemned L’homocide of the reporter, asking for ainvestigation thorough, transparent and “independent”: the United Nations High Commissioner wrote on Twitter that “the death of Shireen Abu Akleh is an affront to the free press all over the world” and that the UN services “are on the ground to verify the facts “. The general secretary Antonio Guterresthe spokesman said, is “horrified“Since the death of the reporter and sent his condolences to the journalist’s family and wished a speedy recovery to his colleague Ali Samodi, asking the authorities to ensure that the guilty” are held accountable. ” And he added that “media workers must be able to carry out their work freely. A free press is essential for peace, justice, sustainable development and human rights ”.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid asked the Palestinian National Authority (PNA) to conduct “ajoint investigation“, While the IDF has made operational a” special team that verifies all the facts and presents them as soon as possible “. However, one of the IDF spokespersons said that “the Red Crescent took away the body” of the journalist immediately after the shooting and theautopsy it is conducted by the Palestinian Institute of Forensic Medicine “Al Najah” in Nablus. The bullet that caused the journalist’s death would have already been extracted from the body: Israel asked the Palestinians to hand him over and “count on their cooperation to ascertain the circumstances of the death” and US State Department spokesman Ned Price confirmed that “the Israeli authorities are able to conduct a full investigation into the reporter’s death ”. The PNA said no.

The killing of Abu Akleh had a great media coverage in the Palestinian Territories: i public funeral they were held this morning in Ramallah, departing from the presidential palace of Mugata. The president attended Abu Mazen and all the Palestinian leadership. Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that “we are sorry for Shireen’s death. But we are equally determined to continue our fight against terrorism ”.

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