Journalist killed in the West Bank, Israeli police charge the funeral procession. The condemnation of the White House and the European Union

TO Jerusalem they have erupted violence during the funeral procession of Shireen Abu Aklehthe Palestinian-American journalist from al Jazeera was killed on Wednesday while documenting a gunfight between Israelis and Palestinians a Jenin. According to Israeli police, hundreds of procession participants protested by throwing stones against agents. Palestinian sources say the Israeli police have launched stun grenades. The images disseminated by al Jazeera show agents upload the funeral processionwith the coffin carried on the shoulder which, at a certain point, risks falling to the ground. The broadcaster writes in a tweet that the police ask for the religion of those present: Christians or Muslims. “And in the second case you are not authorized to take part in the ceremony”. Also according to the television, police officers charged a group of people who intended to carry the coffin on their backs as they left St. Joseph’s hospital.

A violence that has also led to the White House to express “regret” and to define what happened “a ‘intrusion in a peaceful procession “. Spokeswoman Jen Psaki spoke of events “Disturbing”. The line of the European Union, expressed through the High Representative of foreign policy, also lasts: “The EU condemns thedisproportionate use of force and the disrespectful behavior of the Israeli police towards the participants in the funeral procession, ”he said Joseph Borrell reiterating the call for “a thorough investigation” into the circumstances of the death and adding that “allow a peaceful farewell” and “let mourners cry in peace without suffering harassment And humiliations “ and the “Minimal human respect”.

Israeli police say they have worked to secure the safety during the funeral, including through contacts with members of his family “to coordinate all aspects of its development in a legal manner”. “Unfortunately – reads a statement from the spokesman for the Israeli police in Jerusalem – hundreds of rioters began to disturb public order, even before the funeral began”. According to the police, “hundreds of people gathered in front of the French hospital in Sheikh Jarrah (East Jerusalem, ed) and started chanting nationalist slogans “. When the coffin came out of the hospital, “the rioters started throwing stones against the policemen ”, the statement continues, stating that the agents were forced to act. “The police – it continues – will continue to act during the funeral according to the law and will act resolutely against those who violate it and rioters who will try to take advantage of the funeral to incite violence “. The press release complains about the spread of fake news and half-truths aimed at inciting clashes and distorting reality. The funeral, concluded, took place in the Greek-Melkite church at the gates of Jaffa in the Old City. Thousands of people took part. The coffin was then taken to the nearby cemetery of Mount Zion.

Meanwhile, gunfights broke out on Friday morning between Israeli soldiers And Palestinian activists in the area of Jeninthe same city where the journalist from to the Jaazera. According to the ministry of health of the Palestinian National Authority (NPC) there are 13 Palestinians injured, one of which is serious. The Israeli army confirmed that there were soldiers on the scene, as well as men from the internal services of the Shin Bet and an elite unit of police counter-terrorism. An Israeli policeman died: the police announced it. It is about Noam Raz, 47 years old. He was a 23-year veteran of the elite Yamam counter-terrorism unit. The Times of Israel writes that the clashes took place as part of a raid against the home of a suspected terrorist a Burquin (near Jenin, in fact), in the north of the West Bank. According to Palestinian sources, the Israelis surrounded the house of Mohammad al-Dab’i, a member of the military wing of Islamic Jihad and ordered the occupiers to surrender. A video shows an Israeli soldier firing a rocket from his shoulder at the house. Other images show the house on fire, but it is not clear if there are people inside, and Palestinians with uncovered faces firing rifles at Israeli soldiers. Clashes also took place in the nearby Jenin refugee camp.

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