Josiane Balasko proud of her daughter Marilou Berry: "She has a particular physique but …"

Josiane Balasko is like the films in which she plays: frank, funny and generous. The 71-year-old actress, who made her ranges at the Théâtre du Splendid in Paris, recounted her complicated beginnings in the profession. Interviewed by the magazine Current wife, Josiane Balasko revealed that some producers did not want to give her roles because of its atypical plastic“I think I had a physique that did not correspond to the standards, between romantic and diaphanous quotes, of the young actresses of the time. So, which did not blow the directors off.”, confided the star of Tanned, with the respondent that we know him so well.

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Despite these bad memories, Josiane Balasko wants to be reassuring. The one who is currently playing in the comedy A chalet in Gstaad at the Théâtre des Nouvelles with Armelle, explained that French cinema has evolved. “Since then, there are actresses who don’t have a particularly convincing physique in the sexy side and all that.”

Proud of these changes in the industry, Josiane Balasko, who admitted to being tempted by cosmetic surgery, even goes so far as to quote her daughter, Marilou Berry, the fruit of her love with her ex-husband, the artist. Philippe Berry (brother of Richard Berry, deceased in 2019). “I am thinking for example of Sylvie Testud, who is a great actress. Corinne Masiero, my daughter Marilou, who has a particular physique but who plays it”, listed the one who has shared her life with George Aguilar for 20 years.

Like her famous mother, Marilou Berry has made a place for herself on movie posters, despite her curves. Mother and daughter can claim to have helped change standards and to show a little truth through screens.

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