José Mayer surprises by publishing a rare photo with his wife. See the couple’s record!

Jose Mayer maintain discretion in personal life, in its current phase. This Tuesday (23), the actor surprised his followers by publishing a picture beside the woman on Instagram and praised the years of union with Vera Fajardo. Leading a quiet life in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, the couple appeared smiling at the register. Married since 1975, they are Julia’s parents.

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“In Vera’s company, the wind is always in favor!”, he said in the caption of the image. In the comments, the artist received messages full of love from friends and fans, who congratulated the lovebirds for their tuning.

José Mayer has been away from TV since 2017, when he was accused of sexual abuse by a costume designer, and after the end of the soap opera “A Lei do Amor”, his last work.

José Mayer no longer intends to return to TV

After four years in prison, José Mayer warned that he is no longer interested in returning to TV and that now he just wants to enjoy his family.

“He’s very well, happy, healthy and enjoying life with his family and always close to friends. He has no projects and doesn’t even want to return to television. He really doesn’t have any interest in public life, as he said before. enjoy grandson Antonio, born in 2020, and be with his family,” informed the actor’s advisors recently.

Betty Faria defends actor in harassment controversy

In an interview with the newspaper “O Globo”, Betty Faria defended José Mayer. The actress stated that she respects all the flags, but said that it is necessary to carry out an “analysis” before anything else.

“I respect all the flags, but you have to be careful. There is not only a good woman. The phrase ‘You messed with one, you messed with all’ is dangerous. José Mayer, for example, is a great colleague. I worked a lot with him. that way of his generation, but he never disrespected me. Suddenly, that situation happens,” he recalled.

Silvio de Abreu evaluates the artist’s dismissal

Outside Globo and hired by HBO Max to oversee the creation of serials on the platform, Silvio de Abreu also commented on the departure of José Mayer.

“My analysis is that it was a scandal that was much more planted by groups than anything else. It was a very naughty attitude by Zé Mayer, but sacrificing a brilliant and useful career for the company like his was due to the high pressure from groups that the board received. At that moment, we were forced to make that decision,” he declared.

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