José Loreto comments on friendship with Marcos Palmeira behind the scenes of "wetland": "gave me strength"

Jose Loreto37 years old, told about living with Marcos Palmeira behind the scenes of wetland and celebrated the friendship with the actor. In the remake, Loreto plays the pawn Tadeu, played by Palmeira in the first version of the plot, in 1990.

The actor told Who, about the great responsibility of playing Tadeu, but admits that being on the scene with the veteran is “being in a light environment”. Asked about the conversations with his co-star, he explains: “The exchange of stickers has been very sensitive. It’s very beautiful to see Marquinhos arriving at that place, that house – which is the same one he recorded in 30 years ago. I gave tips without even knowing it.”

“He instigated me and showed me ways. I had different experiences, after all I’m a city boy. We have many directors and, when he felt the lack of feedback, Marquinhos would come with a word of affection. very sincere. I may not have blown it, but it gives our ego a boost – which is nice because doing a soap opera is a long championship”, he said. When he learned that he would play a prominent character, he claims to have felt a great responsibility.

I felt a great deal of responsibility, but being on the scene with Marquinhos means being in a light environment, without me worrying that he was also Tadeu. I can disassociate this because Marquinhos brings us lightness and makes me laugh. There is great generosity. I was too scared to play opposite this guy I’ve always admired, but it’s great to work with him. He’s our captain. I fell in love with him because Marquinhos is a big daddy.

The artist also told about the preparation before filming: “The preparation was intense, we had prosody so that we could have a characteristic speech. I wanted to go to the Pantanal before the cast’s trip. Even without so much intimacy with Marquinhos at the time, I called he and he gave me more support to make the trip. The experience with the pedestrians was important for me to catch the Pantanal weather, that look at the horizon.”

“I am very grateful for the contact I had with the pedestrians, going to the daily work. I will also keep the conversations I had with Marquinhos. His dream (in childhood) was to be a pedestrian, mine was to be a judoka”, he said, who also revealed that being in the Pantanal brought him a new look. “I had different experiences, after all, I’m a city boy. When I felt the lack of feedback, Marquinhos came with a word of affection”, he concluded.

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