Jorge Rial would have ended his affair with Josefina Pouso: "Yet the…"

Since Jorge Rial separated from Romina Pereiro He has been linked to several women, the last of which was Josephine Pouso. The journalist had been seen having dinner with his colleague in a restaurant in Spain and she came out to talk about their relationship.

However, it seems that everything has changed. Since the father of More Rial signed the divorce with the nutritionist He decided to step aside from his new partner and the one who would have confirmed the news was Ángel de Brito. There the former driver of “Intruders” gave a note to “THE M” and the “little angels” They commented on what they saw.

“Jorge is in love. Divorce suited him well”commented the former jury of “ShowMatch: The Academy”. His companions highlighted the words of Jorge Rial when he warned that he meets with Josefina Pouso when they both feel like it.

But Ángel de Brito assured: “No, Pouso already cleaned it. Let’s be clear, he cleaned it”. Although neither of the two parties spoke of the relationship again, the father of More Rial He maintained that he prefers to remain single and that living together kills love.

Jorge Rial and Josefina Pouso having dinner in Spain.

“The best thing is to be as long as you want to be together. I learned that you have to be when you feel like it: two days, three days, take a trip…”closed by saying Jorge Rial in the interview he gave for “THE M”.

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