Jorge Ben Jor comments on his stay at Copacabana Palace after losing his home during a storm: "I had nowhere to live"

Jorge Ben Jor reported about his stay at the Copacabana Palace Hotel, where he has lived for two years since his house was destroyed after a storm, in Rio de Janeiro, and said that the place did not close during the pandemic just because of him.

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In conversation on the podcast W/ Cast, the 82-year-old musician explained: “I had my house renovated and I went to live at Copacabana Palace. When a tsunami of rain hit, there was no one at home, they forgot to close it and the water invaded everything. I had nowhere to live.”

Jorge continued: “Either I would stay with my son Gabriel in Los Angeles, in the United States, or I would go to the hotel. I moved and the pandemic broke out. The hotel closed for everyone. It was just me and Sandra, who managed the place. Everyone left or was sent away. It just didn’t close because of us”.

Jorge ended up winning, a few months ago, Gilberto Gil like his neighbor, who moved into a building with his wife, Flora Gil, next to Copacabana. That’s when Ben Jor started to leave isolation little by little:

“I spent a year and a half without leaving the hotel or going to the street. We have a doctor at the hotel who follows us up, checks how we are doing. I didn’t talk to anyone for a long time,” he added. The artist still does not have an estimate on when he will return to the renovated house and continues to live in the hotel.

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