Jordan Peele’s most sinister horror movie? Everything we know about your new project


The director who won the Oscar for the screenplay of Get Out he is ready for what will be his third film. The last time he presented a project on the big screen was in 2019, with Us.

Fight with your Oscar for the script of Get out.
© GettyFight with your Oscar for the script of Get out.

Since Jordan Peele He presented himself as a horror director, his films always made people talk. Especially Get out earned him the respect of all and even got a Oscar for the script, thanks to the skill with which he combined social criticism with some elements that characterize the genre. This tape was followed Us, which arrived in 2019 and although it did not have the same approval, it is a production that is worth seeing and that even has sequences that cause even more impact and fear than its debut feature.

Now, Peele It is preparing for its third story on the big screen, of which almost everything is kept secret but which is known to hit theaters on July 22. Is about Nope, a title that was revealed along with his poster six months ago where the director only accompanied the publication with an emoji of a cloud like the one seen in the promotional image. From here, some speculation arose about this story that concluded its filming at the beginning of December.

It is believed that the story could be centered on an alien invasion of some kind. This could be confirmed shortly, since thanks to the fact that the main photography was already finished they could release the first promotional teaser of this story. In this context, the presence of Hoyte van Hoytema, an experienced cinematographer who worked with figures such as Christopher Nolan Y Spike Jonze, and that promises a lot.

The main cast has been confirmed and will have Daniel Kaluuya going back to work with Peele after Get Out. In addition, it will be Keke Palmer, who is believed to be the antagonist of the story. The figure of Steven Yeun, recently nominated for Oscar for his work in Threaten, as well as adding interpreters like Barbie Ferrereira, Brandon Perea y Michael Wincott.

Does terror come to Marvel?

2022 will have two great launches that promise a lot for fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe those who also like terror. These are two productions that could introduce elements of the genre in the saga and generate great expectations. For one thing, the most obvious movie with a chance to do so is Morbius, which will touch on the subject of vampirism in the franchise. On the other hand, you can talk about Doctor Strange 2, which is a special case since the tone made the original director, Scott Derrickson, take a step to the side. His place was taken by Sam Raimi who recently was mentioned in networks for the way he included nods to terror with the scenes of Doctor Octopus in Spider-Man 2.

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