Jordan Mouillerac already seen on TF1: the dancer has really changed!

Since 2017, Jordan Mouillerac is one of the regular dancers of Dance with the stars. Yet it is only this year that it seems to have revealed itself during season 11 of the show. With Bilal Hassani as a partner, the handsome brown-haired man with a singing accent achieves exceptional performances every week and seems to be on track to reach the final of the TF1 show. A channel on which he has already been … in 2013!

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Indeed, that year, Jordan Mouillerac participated in A gold family with his own, namely his sister Déborah, his father Gilles and his two cousins ​​Florent and Arnaud. Already a dancer at that time, the young man from Labastide-Marnhac, village of Lot, had the opportunity between two questions to unveil his talents on the set with the co-presenter of the host Christophe Dechavanne, Guilaine. And as evidenced by the images from the show available in our slideshow, Jordan Mouillerac was very different from the one we know today. If he already had the same haircut, short and quilted, he appeared on the other hand completely hairless, which made him look much younger.

Jordan Mouillerac, double French salsa champion, did not yet know at that time that his life would be turned upside down a few years later when he was recruited by the teams of Dance with the stars at the same time as Anthony Colette. The Lotois started his great adventure in season 8 with Hapsatou Sy. And the following year, in 2018, he coached Carla Ginola. Two candidates with whom he unfortunately did not go very far in the competition. With Bilal Hassani, Jordan Mouillerac can this time hope for victory but in addition, he enters the history of the show by forming for the first time a duet with a man.

On the side of his private life, remember that Jordan Mouillerac flourishes with a certain Jessica, who is the mother of an adorable little girl born from a previous relationship.

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