Jønke was thrown out by Hells Angels and tells his story in a new book: ‘That’s why we publish it’

“Never before has he told the story behind and completely without hesitation.”

This is how it sounds from publishing editor Thomas Heurlin, when he explains in the BT podcast ‘What we talk about’ why he has chosen to publish the former rocker Jørn ‘Jønke’ Nielsen’s new memoir.

Usually there is a culture of silence in the rocker environment, where you do not share too much of the insider knowledge, but Jønke does in the new book. And that is one of the reasons why the owner of Impactpress, Thomas Heurlin, believes that the book is justified.

“That’s why this book is super interesting, because it’s in a way a breach of the culture of silence, because he tells what it’s like to have been thrown out, and what some mechanisms are that apply. , “Explains Thomas Heurlin, who was one of the panelists in Friday’s edition of ‘What We Talk About’.

Jørn 'Jønke' will not return to Hells Angels.

Jørn ‘Jønke’ will not return to Hells Angels.

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The 61-year-old Jørn ‘Jønke’ Nielsen, who was convicted of the murder of his rival Henning Norbert Knudsen – also called ‘The Mackerel’ – in 1984, has for several decades been known as a controversial figure in the media – partly due to his work as spokesperson for the rock group ‘Hells Angels’.

In 2020, however, Jønke’s affiliation with the rock group ended. He was kicked out, and that’s the exit he’s talking about in the new book.

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Although the bounce was not entirely unexpected for Jønke, it still hit him hard. He said this earlier this year in an interview with Avisen.dk.

“The first few days after the eviction, I was then shocked that it could happen. I felt like I had been abandoned by a boyfriend. Stomach ache and the appetite was gone. I could not believe that my old friends would knock a knife in the back of me and that my loved ones did nothing more to stop it. But I’m fine today. That was probably the kick in the back I needed. Hells Angels in Denmark was no longer the club I co-founded forty years earlier, «Jønke said at the time.

And that is the part that Jønke elaborates on in the new book:

“He says the club has evolved from being the West first and the culture first, to it being the money first. So that’s kind of his critique of it and that’s why he says he would under no circumstances go back again, says Thomas Heurlin.

Heurlin himself has thought about whether he, as a publisher, wanted to publish a book by a murderer who does not regret, which Jønke has not done.

‘I’m not interested in killing her. And I’m also glad I did not hit the dog, «Jørn Jønke Nielsen himself explained about the murder a couple of years ago in the TV program ‘Crimes that shook Denmark’ on channel 5, where he avoided hitting Mackerel’s wife and dog.

Jørn 'Jønke' will not return to Hells Angels.

Jørn ‘Jønke’ will not return to Hells Angels.

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The murder took place outside Makrellen’s house on Amager, and after the liquidation, Jønke jumped on the bike and went to the airport. He then spent first a year in France and then three years in Canada, before deciding to return to Denmark and serve his sentence.

According to Heurlin, the publication of the new book can be well defended, as it is an autobiography, and as Jønke is no longer a member of Hells Angels.

»There is a difference in the media. In an autobiography, it is the author himself who stands on target for it. I would never make a TV show or a podcast that way. There you would make it as a journalistic program, “he says and adds that he also has plans to produce a more critical podcast about Jønke.

The book ‘Jønke – a new beginning’ – will be published on Wednesday.

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