Jonatan Viale’s dramatic tale: "I see my dad in …"

In April 2021 the news was released that Mauro Viale had died from his COVID-19 picture. Given this, his family was devastated but especially his son, Jonatan Avenue. In an interview he gave for the radio show “Hold on Catalina”, the journalist confessed how he is after the loss of his father.

On television and at various events, Viale Jr. has been seen very sad. Even though he is always remembered with a lot of love, respect and laughter, his heir was greatly affected. “Every day I miss my dad more. I think about the things that I would tell him every day “revealed.

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After his father passed away, he and his family tested positive for coronavirus. Given the antecedent they lived, he told how they went through the disease. “We were very afraid having coronavirus one month after dad’s death. I hadn’t done the duel and we had a very bad time“, Viale expressed.

He was always very close to his father, to the point that he followed in his footsteps. Today, the only thing left for you to do is remember it in the best possible way. “I feel a presence as if he is taking care of me and I see my father in the eyes of my youngest son”, Hill.

Jonatan and Mauro Viale.

In the last broadcast of the Martín Fierro de Cable by Chronicle HD, Mauro’s son was very moved when they paid him a tribute. You can tell that it is something that still costs the journalist, but little by little the wound is healing.

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