Joker: tonight on Canale 5 the Oscar-winning film with Joaquin Phoenix will be premiered

Tonight on Canale 5 in prime time, and in free premiere, Joker, the Oscar-winning film with Joaquin Phoenix, is broadcast.

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A big premiere in clear tonight on Canale 5 in the company of Joaquin Phoenix: at 21:45 he arrives Joker, the 2019 film directed by Todd Phillips and based on the DC Comics villain.

Joker: the scream of Joaquin Phoenix

Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) lives in Gotham City, a city plagued by crime and unemployment, along with his mother Penny. Arthur is suffering from a neurological disorder that makes him laugh at the least opportune moments, but the social services take care of him by supplying him with the necessary drugs; works as a party clown and has two colleagues, Randall and Gary. Following a robbery in which he is beaten up, Randall lends him a gun to protect himself. Arthur’s life takes a turn for the worse after he is assaulted on the subway by drunken employees of Wayne Enterprises. From that moment everything begins to fall apart, especially after the speech of Thomas Wayne, candidate for mayor, who condemns the murder of one of his employees. Gotham’s population is not happy, protests against the city’s rich begin.

Meanwhile Arthur tries to get busy in a comedy show that unfortunately goes very badly because of the stress and because the financial cuts to social services have left him without drugs; this makes him a laughing stock and Murray Franklin openly teases him on his talk show. Arthur discovers a shocking truth after intercepting a letter and goes to the Wayne Manor (where he meets little Bruce Wayne, future Batman) for information, but is badly hunted by Alfred Pennyworth.

Arthur realizes he is worse than he thought and his descent into delirium only continues. He is invited by Murray Franklin on his talk show but during the evening his already precarious mental balance gives way to madness and violent actions. Already in the aims of two detectives, Arthur has a confrontation with the police, just as Gotham is in the throes of a revolt of the citizens but by now it is too late: his fate is already sealed.

Joker won the Golden Lion in Venice; won two Golden Globes in Los Angeles; earned two BAFTAs in London; won two Oscars, out of 11 nominations, in Hollywood. A record for the 2020 edition of the coveted prizes: the film with Joaquin Phoenix was the first based on a DC Comics character to compete in the category of the best film, and the second among those in nomination based on characters belonging to the world of comics. The proceeds are also incredible: 1.074 billion dollars around the world.

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