Jojo Todynho’s fiance complains about the criticism and says he will delete Instagram: "the staff is disturbed"

Jojo Todynho and the groom, Lucas Souza, enjoyed a quiet moment last night (01/12) and watched the movie together in bed “My mother is a piece”. The funkeira published the couple’s intimate moment on her Instagram account.

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The Army officer took the opportunity to make a complaint about the criticism that the couple has been suffering on social media. “People are pissing me off. They only send me negative messages. People are disturbed, they don’t leave me alone”, he lamented.

Then, he vented: “I don’t need to listen to shit from people”, stating that he intends to delete his Instagram account if the criticism doesn’t stop.

Jojo and Lucas got engaged in December, but have been together for five months. They met during the singer’s trip to Cancún in August of last year. At the time, she was still dating Márcio Felipe — the romance officially ended in October.

At the time he announced the end of the relationship, Jojo assumed that he cheated on his partner. “I was the one who hesitated,” he said at the time.

isolated with covid

Jojo Todynho surprised his followers last week by promoting a live in which he “says goodbye” to family, friends and fans. She had been diagnosed with covid-19, and despite being asymptomatic, she decided to speak to the public in a tone of regret.

On the social network, the funkeira said that “it’s not bad”, but if she becomes incommunicado, she has already said goodbye: “No, I’m not bad, no. I’m just saying goodbye, because if I get married [sic] I get bad, I already said goodbye. And who couldn’t say goodbye?”, she adds.

In the recording, a friend jokes: “Oh, it’s so dramatic…”, she says. “Even Nalva is joking! What’s up, Nalva?! Will you miss me?” asks Jojo. “Where are you going? Where are you going?”, Nalva returns. “Covid wants to take me,” Jojo replies.

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The singer said that she tested positive for the new coronavirus on Wednesday (01/05): “Out of respect for my fans and my family members, my contractors, I came here to speak out, because I already had the flu right after New Year’s Eve, but did not imagine. I thought it was because of my bronchitis or because of my migraine,” he began.

“It never crossed my mind that I would have been positive. Yesterday I was at the doctor, I had a lot of headache. Today I managed to turn on the light. I thought it was migraine attacked. I was positive, but I’m taking good care of myself and I’m under medical supervision”, he concluded.

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