Jojo Todynho reveals surprising weight loss project for pregnancy

Jojo Todynho has been married for just 3 months (+ see photos from the wedding!), but he does not hide that he intends to take an even more serious step in the relationship: getting pregnant. In an interview for Vogue, led by Deborah Secco, who stole the show with a shiny look during Carnival, the funkeira revealed that she intends to carry out a 6-month project with the aim of losing 40 kg before pregnancy.

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Although she already said she wanted to get pregnant later this year, plans have been postponed to 2023. To document this pre-pregnancy weight loss process, Jojo plans to launch a reality show on her YouTube channel. “I could get pregnant at my weight, my health is ok, but it’s better. There, we will also talk a lot about sex, because people have a prejudice of thinking that fat women do not have an active sex life, “she explained.



With her marriage still in its infancy and her career at a very prosperous moment, which includes a very successful participation in “Dance of the Famous”, Jojo explained, during a conversation with fans this Mother’s Day, the reasons that led her to to plan the pregnancy.

Do you know why I really want to be a mother? First, because it is a dream, a gift, for you to be able to bear fruit, and also because I am afraid of my grandmother leaving and not meeting my great-grandchild, a son of mine.. This is also one of the reasons why I really want to be a mother.

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