Jojo Todynho exposes what ex-husband intends to do with tattoo after divorce

Jojo Todynho added another chapter in the controversial separation with Lucas Souza. The singer was surprised during a participation in “Domingão”, a program presented by Luciano Huck, when asked about the military. Just as Neymar’s tattoo artist revealed what happened to the tattoo in honor of Bruna Marquezine, Todynho explained what happened to her name tattooed on the military’s ribs.

With the presence of tattoo artist Adão Rosa on the stage of the program, the same tattoo artist responsible for working with Neymar, involved in yet another controversy after unfollowing Marquezine, Luciano Huck asked if Jojo had any tattoos because of the wedding, which came to an end filled with controversy. “Jojo, did you have any wedding tattoos that you covered up too?” asked Huck.

“No, I didn’t get a tattoo. He who tattooed my name and my eye“, replied Jojo. Luciano then wanted to know what will be the fate of the drawings made by the military. “Now I don’t know. will pass ink“, shot the singer. “his problem, right?’ Huck countered.

Jojo Todynho reveals classes to learn more about racial issues

After a troubled divorce, with her ex-husband involving Jojo in numerous controversies, the singer took the time to learn🇧🇷 In Luciano Huck’s program, she revealed that she is taking classes to better understand racial issues. 🇧🇷I’m not black only in November. I am all year roundI suffer prejudice all year round”, shot Jojo.

🇧🇷Conscience has to be talked about every day. We want respect. The generation that will come now, of my children and grandchildren, and not that this is a problem, but we we won’t be cleaning madam’s vase🇧🇷 We need to break this. It’s a constant struggle“, vented.

“THE favela is still winning. And racial literacy is necessary🇧🇷 Will study. If it didn’t hurt you, don’t talk about other people’s pain. I can speak with authority. It’s nice when brands, TV make room for black people show their workits capacity. How many anonymous Jojos are there?’ he questioned.

Then, Jojo talked about the fight against fatphobia and rant about the bariatric surgery he intends to do. 🇧🇷[Luciano] asked me if I’m going to do the bariatric: we’re studying and I probably will. This won’t let me slow down my fight against fatphobia. and any kind of prejudice. Prejudiced will not pass, “she added.

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