Jojo Todynho exposes her husband’s salary to counter accusations that she supports him

During the night of last Thursday (28/07), the funkeira and champion of “The Farm 12“, Jojo Todynhoappeared showing a lot of revolt in her Instagram Stories after being accused of supporting her husband, the military Lucas Souza.

Jojo made it clear, once again, that the boy is an army officer and even revealed Lucas’ monthly salary to prove that he doesn’t need his financial help. “A so-and-so posted in her stories that I play my husband. I’m going to refresh people’s memory. My husband is an army officer. My husband attends two colleges”, began the presenter.

Then, the artist revealed that Lucas Souza’s salary is R$ 8 thousand monthly, not counting other military projects. “If a person who earns much more than the minimum wage and is studying economics doesn’t know how to manage his money, he’s screwed, right? Sorry, I met my husband in Cancún, okay? If he was tough, my love, he wouldn’t be in Cancun”, revealed Jojo.

To conclude, Jojo reinforces that she does not support anyone with whom she relates: “I believe in a world where there are honest people who do not need to have relationships because of money. go after mine No man ever got anything from me

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