Jojo Todynho evaluates players from the 2022 World Cup and chooses the hottest. ‘Must be commended’

Single since the end of the controversial marriage to Lucas Souza, Jojo Todynho decided to evaluate the heartthrobs scheduled for the 2022 World Cup, which has Deborah Secco as a commentator and has been causing on the web. Jojo used her sincerity to talk about the players and made a sincere assessment of Neymar, who received an unusual request from Déa Lúcia, mother of Paulo Gustavo.

In an interview with G1, Jojo Todynho spoke which players he would recommend to his friends🇧🇷 “Admiring a person, finding a beautiful person is not a problem, nor is it a lack of respect. It’s beautiful, it has to be praised”he explained.

Jude Bellingham, from England, drew the attention of Jojo Todynho for seeming like a lively person. “He seems to be very playful, of the zoeira. Of dancing in the middle of the field, like Vinicius Junior“, commented.

Keita Balde, from Senegal, Jojo referred to one of her friends🇧🇷 “Dandara’s face. He’s handsome, and my friend loves a black man. She’s a beautiful black woman. It’s exactly her profile. If she were here, she would already be talking about her children.“, he joked.

“Ton a face that likes beer on the weekend🇧🇷 Enjoying a pagodinho”, he said about Rodrigo de Paul, from Argentina. “I think he would be enjoying those black dances, charm type“, praised the Belgian Romelu Lukaku.

Who did not catch the attention of the influencer, who revealed what the ex-husband will do with a couple tattoo done at the time of the wedding, was the Dutchman Memphis Depay. “It’s beautiful, would indicate [para uma amiga]”, he summed up.

jojo also ended up dismissing some stars like Cristina Pulisci from the US saying, “I don’t think it would work with any of my friends, they’re pretty wild.” “No, I wouldn’t recommend it. It doesn’t have the profile of no friend of mine. He looks like a little boy. I think he looks like someone who doesn’t eat beans“, spoke about Rami Kaib, from Tunisia.

Jojo Todynho opens the game on Neymar

After the fans found out what happened to the tattoo made by Neymar for Bruna Marquezine, the player is back in the spotlight because of his performance at the 2022 World Cup. Jojo Todynho was full of praise for Neymar and recalled a perrengue that passed by the player during Paris Fashion Week🇧🇷 “Ah, my boy Ney! He sure is beautiful”, he said.

Remembering about Paris Fashion Week, Jojo Todynho showed gratitude🇧🇷 “You have a beautiful soul, me saved in Paris, me without any internet🇧🇷 He routed it to me,” he said.

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