Johnny Madsen cancels all concerts: ‘There is no point in people wearing bandages’

»It is with great regret that we have to tell you that Johnny Madsen & Co. will take a break here in 2022. «

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Thus, a post begins on Johnny Madsen’s Facebook page, where it is stated that all this summer’s concerts with the popular singer and his guitarist will be canceled.

»Johnny and Knud Møller have actually played together for 35 summers, without a break. This, combined with the fact that things are as they are at the moment, means that we skip 2022 – and hope to return strongly to a hopefully corona-free summer in 2023, “it is explained.

The post ends with a hope for understanding and reunion and is signed by the band’s manager Bo Andersen from Scandinavian.

Johnny Madsen and band at Skanderborg Festival in 2014.

Johnny Madsen and band at Skanderborg Festival in 2014.
Photo: Axel Schütt

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Johnny Madsen has not yet returned to BT’s inquiries.

But opposite Extra Bladets Thomas Treo contradicts the manager’s message on Facebook.

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Johnny Madsen says on the contrary that he will miss playing with his guitarist Knud Møller, with whom he has played every summer for 35 years.

On the other hand, it is especially the possible future corona restrictions that make the 70-year-old musician say no to another season of uncertainty and security requirements in favor of focusing on his parallel work as a painting artist.

“Rock music is an energy between the audience and us on stage, and it does not matter that there are a hundred meters between people and they are wearing bandages. It is neither good for us nor the audience, «Johnny Madsen explains to Ekstra Bladet.

Last year, Johnny Madsen also canceled a large number of concerts in the autumn. Back then, it was due to a herniated disc in the back.

But this time the tour cancellation is due to corona fatigue.

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