Johnny Hallyday: it’s war in the Taulier lookalikes clan!

This Thursday, November 25, 2021, viewers of C8 have certainly been met at all levels. For the new issue of “Video Gag”, Cyril Hanouna and his team have unearthed archive videos. The sequences were focused on flagship shows broadcast from the early 90s to 2008. So to pimp the show brilliantly, countless personalities landed on the set of C8. In particular Johnny Cadillac who is one of the official look-alikes of Johnny Hallyday.

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Seven years ago, the artist made himself known to the general public by sharing a video in which he gave advice on how to fight well. So obviously facing the camera, Johnny Cadillac wanted to demonstrate his talents. The Taulier lookalike was not disappointed, because he had a strong opponent. Gilles Verdez who is very protective of his companion Fatou saw red when the latter tickled him about him. The journalist even wanted to do battle with him. “Oh, Fatou, if you only knew…”, sang Johnny Cadillac, inspired by the title “Marie” by Johnny Hallyday. A provocation that ignited the powder …

Without hesitation, Gilles Verdez immediately accepted Guillaume Genton’s proposal to face him on the set of “Video Gag”. “You don’t scare me, what is he coming for me? ”, the chronicler of Cyril Hanouna rebelled. To the acclaim of the public, the two men mimed a pretty fight scene. Furious looks, head shots and punches, the duo did not miss any detail.

To save his honor and that of Fatou, Gilles Verdez is obviously ready for anything. “Gilles, you are scary anyway”, launched Guillaume Genton to the address of his colleague who took the fly during “the confrontation”. “Fortunately I put on plastic underpants, otherwise it would be full”, Johnny Cadillac concluded. A memorable moment!


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