Johnny Depp doesn’t want Jack Sparrow to confront a woman and has the script changed "Pirates of the Caribbean 5" !

An anecdote that will probably not make feminists and fans of Amber Heard smile. For several months, the actress and her ex, Johnny Depp, clashed in a long and trying trial for defamation on the background of domestic violence. Two months have passed since the actor was cleared but that does not prevent him from being talked about.

A few days ago, the DailyMail revealed strange documents that he had been able to obtain. Documents related to the trial in which we could for example learn that certain testimonies had not been retained by the judge. These concerned the sexual life of the two lovers. Indeed, lawyers report that Johnny Depp suffered from “erection problems” when he was in a relationship with Amber Heard. Malfunctions reported by their client who also specified that these problems were “at the origin of temper tantrums of a sexual nature” of the actor.

No woman in the film, or no enemy woman

In terms of crisis, this is not the artist’s first. Indeed, Terry Rossio revealed a few years ago that Johnny Depp had expressed a slight whim on the set of Pirates of the Caribbean : the Salazar’s Revenge, 5th film of the saga. Amber Heard’s ex literally refused to confront a woman. On the other hand, no sexist reason in this, the actor simply did not want the story to be redundant.

“My version of the film was put aside because it included a villain and Johnny Depp feared that it would be redundant with that of Dark Shadows (film directed by Tim Burton in which Johnny Depp also starred, editor’s note), where there was also a villain, said the screenwriter. The latter did not mince his words in the rest of his speech and left feeling deep regret, as well as a hint of anger towards the actor: “Of course, there’s always the possibility that the scripts suck. But often when I go back to the ones that weren’t made, they hold up and are often better than the movie that ended up being made. Sometimes all it takes is one person’s decision, often a mere whim, to destroy years of creating and building a universe.”.

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