“John Wick” competition: Denzel Washington shoots action sequel “The Equalizer 3”

Fans must have been waiting for this for a long time. Now Denzel Washington announced in an interview that he will soon be shooting “The Equalizer 3”.

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In 2014, director Antoine Fuqua and lead actor Denzel Washington landed a respectable hit movie with the action thriller “The Equalizer”, loosely based on the TV series of the same name “The Equalizer – The Guardian Angel of New York”. The film was released at the time when the “Geriaction” subgenre was experiencing a high phase thanks to “96 Hours – Taken” with Liam Neeson.

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Suddenly everyone wanted to see tough action films with old men in the spotlight, who could turn it up again. Not all of the films released along the way were good, few of the characters could hold a candle to Neeson’s cult character Bryan Mills – Washington’s Robert McCall was one of them. In 2018 the sequel “The Equalizer 2” followed. Since then, fans have been waiting eagerly for another sequel. And it looks like they won’t have to wait too long anymore. In an interview with Collider spoke to Denzel Washington about his next film project. And that will probably be “The Equalizer 3”:

“You wrote the third ‘Equalizer’ so I’ll be shooting this next. So I have to get in shape and beat people up again. I’m allowed to beat people up again. ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ and then go ahead and beat people up. Can’t get better, can it? “

One can definitely only agree with the 67-year-old. His “Equalizer” films were both great fun and were spectacularly implemented by director Fuqua. And in contrast to Liam Neeson, Washington did not constantly use the Robert McCall figure type under another name. So the anticipation for the deadly and precisely acting ex-special agent remains intact. These other characters in our video are also deadly.

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“The Equalizer 3”: Is director Antoine Fuqua also coming back?

So the only question that remains is whether Antoine Fuqua will return as a director, after all, he directed both films with Denzel Washington. The filmmaker is currently working on the action thriller “Emancipation” with Will Smith and Ben Foster and is also planning the series “Shaka: King of the Zulu Nation”. As Collider claims to have found out, he is said to be already in negotiations for the direction of “The Equalizer 3”. He also had an interview with in 2018 The Hollywood Reporter know that he would really like to let Robert McCall take to the field a third time against his enemies:

“Personally, I would love it if it worked. I mean the audience spoke. […] Sony brought it up on the table and talked about it. It would be great to do it all over again. It would be great to do it again with Denzel [Washington]to do. I’m looking forward to ‘The Equalizer 3’ if it works. I think it would be great if it became an international thing, I think Denzel is a great James Bond guy. “

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Fuqua concretized his plans with Collider. So he would like the third part of the action series to take place in Europe. The two previous films have mostly played in the USA. Maybe Robert McCall will go to Germany for his next mission?

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