John Wick 4: is it the synthesis of all the previous ones and is it the best in the franchise?

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The production starring Keanu Reeves will premiere this Thursday on the big screen. We tell you what to expect from her.

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This Thursday, Keanu Reeves he will put on the famous suit of the so feared assassin of New York again. john wick 4 arrives to directly continue the events of the third film, where we saw a protagonist who is going to look for all over the world. Now, the one who commands this interest in ending it is the Marquis de Gramont (Bill Skarsgard).

without wasting too much time john wick 4 It begins with a great horse chase sequence and from here on the roller coaster never stops. The photography of this production directed by Chad Stahelski it is sublime and technically surpasses all the previous ones, with homages included to the world of anime (particularly in the sequences in Osaka).

All the fight choreographies between john wick and the various thugs they send to end his life are extremely creative. If we thought that everything was over in the third, be ready for the surprise. Not to mention in terms of management, with many very well-achieved decisions, who know how to take advantage of the talent and martial arts of Keanu Reeves. There is a zenithal sequence shot that is scrumptious.

In addition, the villains that appear throughout the john wick 4 they are completely memorable. as if it were a videogame in which the protagonist faces increasingly tough rivals, until the final battle. With a lot of humor, each moment of struggle is designed to leave a mark.

+The character of John Wick 4 that could have a spin-off

Taking into account that the fourth film of john wick It will probably be the last in the saga, according to statements by its director, we can think about which characters will have more stories to tell. Of all the new ones, there is one that arrived and has a chance to stay: Mr. Nobody (Shamier Anderson), with a faithful dog as a companion and an ability to track people that makes him very juicy when it comes to thinking of new stories. Will the spin-off come from him?

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