‘John Wick 4’ director reveals secret formula for action: Keanu Reeves must suffer

The “John Wick” films are known for their exorbitant action scenes. In an interview, Chad Stahelski revealed the brutal and effective secret behind it.

Every Hollywood star dreams of owning their own franchise once in their lifetime, embodying a larger-than-life character that will last for generations and delight movie fans around the world. And then there’s Keanu Reeves, who got lucky twice: with the Wachowski sisters’ “Matrix” films and then with Chad Stahelski’s “John Wick” films.

What is special about the “John Wick” films is not the story. It’s basically just a series of scraps of action to quickly get to the essentials: the action scenes. The masterful stunt choreography and the gun fu borrowed from the heroic bloodshed subgenre are the elements that increase the rewatch value of the “John Wick” films almost immeasurably. Whether you’re rewatching the films from start to finish, just fast-forwarding to the action scenes, or just celebrating a single scene over and over again, it’s not just fans who can enjoy the action of this film series.

So the question arises, what does the team around Stahelski do differently than other filmmakers? How can they keep improving with each film? What is the secret of their success? One of them has now been betrayed by Stahelski himself (via The Hollywood Reporters):

“We’re always finding new and interesting ways to make John Wick suffer. That’s the starting point for the action: figure out how to make him suffer, then design [von hier an] backward.”

You can do it that way too. And that’s not such a bad idea. In fact, it is highly effective. Everyone loves Keanu Reeves. Everyone loves John Wick. And although he sometimes seems as indestructible as Steven Seagal, whom almost nobody likes (anymore), you feel with him – every injury.

And he’s suffered quite a few of those over the course of three films: he was injured with broken bottles, got a knife in the pit of his stomach, was thrown through the glass front of his house by a gigantic explosion, was hit by cars several times, got shot in the stomach and was thrown from a building. Most of these injuries would have killed others. Not so Jardani Jovanovich, as his full name is. He adjusts his suit, cocks his gun and continues on his path of vengeance.

Keanu Reeves is training hard for his role as John Wick. These stars in the video have transformed themselves even more extreme for their films:

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John Wick 4 will not disappoint fans

Also in the next action adventure “John Wick 4” Keanu Reeves will have plenty of opportunities to send enemies to the afterlife and suffer a number of injuries himself. The trailer, presented at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, featured desert action with John Wick riding a horse, car chases and the hitman bashing someone in the skull with a nunchaku. So Keanu Reeves has some new skills ready for the next chapter. “I’m going to kill them all,” says John Wick in the trailer. And fans know: That’s an understatement.

The German cinema release for “John Wick 4” is on March 23, 2023.

The first John Wick came out in 2014. How familiar are you with the action movies of the 2010s? Test your knowledge:

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