John of "Big Brother 2022"from love to contempt with The Torah: "It’s pitying"

A new elimination is coming in “Big Brother 2022” and it is being defined who will be the next expelled from the most famous house on television between Juliana, The Torah Y Alpha, after Nacho and Conejo saved María Laura. In the last hours, the women on the plate had a strong exchange in which they said everything, after a fight between Coti and Alexis.

In last night’s debate, Juan He had the floor and gave his opinion on who was one of his best friends and allies within the house, Lucilla. To the surprise of those present, he was not so accommodating with the young woman: “I always banked on La Tora, but in this… looking at it from this side, she is devoted, she is arrogant; she is pitiful on camera with those cries”said the taxi driver. And he stated: “He knows he’s leaving.”

Before the question of Christian U about whether he wants her to leave the house, Juan replied that “Not for feelings, but for the game it is better to take it out”. “He’s having a bad time, I lived it”, secured the last eliminated.

For his part, Nadia Epstein questioned Alfa’s position on “let go of his hand” a The Torah and pointed out that if she left, the house would return Disneyassuming that there would be no seasoned participants inside the place.

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