John of "Big Brother 2022" he took Mora in his taxi: the funny video

After four elimination galas, “Big Brother 2022” gain more popularity after each broadcast. last weekend, Juan Reverdito had to leave the most famous house in Argentina after losing against Alpha with almost 90% of the votes. Now, already outside the property telephdecided to return to his work as a taxi driver and had an unexpected encounter with Mora Jabornisky.

“Che, I didn’t know that the taxi drivers now come so cheeky”started by saying Blackberry in a video that he uploaded to his TikTok account while focusing on Juan He was driving with a big smile on his face. Between laughs, the ex-participant of “GH” He pointed it out and added: “Look who’s there”making it clear that they maintain a good vibes despite having left the house.

With his signature Flash doll in hand, John from “Big Brother” he looked at the camera for a second and said: “Let’s both go for a rematch huh, let’s go back in”. In addition, she made a joke referring to the events that occurred in the house. “Come on, the little monkeys, she became a little monkey”the taxi driver is heard saying between the laughter of Blackberrywho made it clear that he was not part of the group made up of Thomas Holder and other participants.

Juan, Nacho and Martina, some members of the “Big Brother” monkeys.

After his departure from reality, John from “Big Brother” He became very active on social media. Thanks to his participation in “GH”, his Instagram account (@juan.reverdito) has almost 70,000 followers. Even more, created an account on the same social network as the Flash doll that characterizes him so muchwhere he captures the attention of almost 5,000 followers and uploads content daily.

Unfortunately, not all situations that occur outside the home are this pleasant. During an interview, Martina from ” Big Brother” was attacked by a cyclist who recognized her and his opinion was not saved, no matter that the cameras are filming everything. While she was talking to the notero of intrudersthe passerby passed by and yelled at him: “You are an abuser.”

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