John of "Big Brother 2022" crossed Nadia Epstein with discomfort: "just you?"

On Sunday, November 13, Juan Reverdito abandoned the house of ” Big Brother 2022″ by public decision. The participant was not very loved by the viewers and they let them know because of the high percentage that they left him out of the competition. Likewise, He was sorry for the way he played and repeatedly said: “I was wrong.”

Watch the video of the confrontation between Juan from “Big Brother” and Nadia Epstein!


Like all his teammates who were eliminated, he spent the whole week visiting different television shows.
To end Friday, the taxi driver was present at “Night of the Exes”
“Big Brother”. There he had the opportunity to meet the participants of the previous editions and to have a debate about his game strategy and how the program is seen from abroad.


During the program not only He had a strong crossover with Cristian U, the winner of the 2011 season, but also with Nadia Epstein. It all started when Roberto Funes I present John from “Big Brother”at that time the former participant told him: “Applause because he came out because inside the house he couldn’t take it anymore.”

In response to the comment you received, Juan Reverdito I answer: “Are you just going to kill me? I was there, it almost happened to you”referring to the high percentage that left him out of the house of Big Brother”. And he added: “I think the Torah happens to both of us”. Overnight, the former player was surprised by his friend’s attitudes and stopped supporting her.

It should be remembered that Nadia Epstein She was part of the 2007 edition and is well remembered, although not exactly for something positive for her. The former participant holds the record for votes against by the public for her to leave the game. Although Juan was very close, she maintains the mark with 91.9%.

John and the Torah inside the house of ' <a href=Big Brother’.” data-height=”-1″ data-size=”w:-1,h:-1″ data-width=”-1″ hspace=”5″ src=”https://www.” title=”Juan and Tora inside the ‘Big Brother’ house.” vspace=”5″>
Juan and the Torah inside the “Big Brother” house.

In the meantime, Juan Reverdito He is enjoying his time away from home. Big Brother”, He is also planning to return to reality as soon as the repechage is enabled. At the moment, it is not known when the production will add this option since the current players are generating good material for the galas.


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