John of "big brother 2022" and her unknown past as a singer: the evidence

John from “Big Brother 2022” appeared as one of the main characters since the current season started. Of course this caused some discomfort. within the most famous house in the country, especially for the strategies he used. Of the four plates of nominees that there were at the moment, he was part of three of them, although still stays in the game.

Juan from “Big Brother 2022” and his unknown past as a singer

During the last hours, a content that John from “Big Brother 2022” posted on their social media. A few weeks before entering the house, published a clip on his Instagram profile in which he is seen singing one of the songs of the moment: “Your Turrito” of j rei Y fine street. The success Maria Becerra’s boyfriend It had a great reach, so the player sought to pay tribute to it.

The truth is that the participant did not mention this facet at any time since he entered the game. He even stayed away from the parties that take place on Fridays, since he was focused on his strategy, something that kept it on the brink of being eliminated by public vote. “Thank you, you’re crack”wrote the taxi driver to the person who officiated as producer of the track he recorded.

Juan is the great candidate to leave ” Big Brother” at the next gala. His great rival in the previous one seems Alphawho appeared as a nominee after being sanctioned for harassing Coti In his bedroom. Despite the perception that there is within Telefe’s competition, the discomfort generated in the public seems to be greater than the disagreement about what was done by the biggest man in the house of “GH”.

His life story had an impact at first, since became a grandfather at age 40 and had his eldest son living in Spain. However, the taxi driver put together “the gang of little monkeys” a few days after entering the program and this did not go down well with the viewers, since they hid food and verbally attacked several participants.

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