Johanna San Miguel: “I’m about to open my geriatric Onlyfans”

In an interview with the program “You are in All”, Johanna San Miguel he joked about the possibility of opening his Onlyfans. The television host assured that her account would be aimed at the elderly public.

Johanna’s comment came after ‘Choca’ mentioned to her that she usually causes an uproar among her fans with the red-hot photos she publishes on her official Instagram account.

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“I’m about to get my geriatric Onlyfans out and I think I’m going to raise a lot of money”, San Miguel said causing ‘Choca’ to laugh.

“Really, for all nursing homes and nursing homes, I will soon launch my Onlyfans, where you are going to see how a very pulpy chick giving meats left and right”, The host of “This is War” added with a laugh.

At another point in the interview, Johanna referred to rumors that Luciana Fuester and Patricio Parodi have an affair.

“I’m going to be very sincere, I have no idea if (Patricio Parodi) is in love, or not in love, if he is with her (Luciana Fuster) or not. I personally have never seen them in cuddles ”, Johanna emphasized.

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