Jogger disappeared in Mayenne: we finally know where the young girl spent the night

His story had moved the French and worried the media. On November 8, a family living in Saint-Brice in Mayenne reported the disappearance of their 17-year-old daughter, who had left earlier in the day to do her daily jog in the forest. For 24 hours, they have no news from the teenager, who reappears in a kebab in Sablé-sur-Sarthe, in shock and injured, the next day. Picked up by the manager of the fast food restaurant, who immediately called the police, Lisa said she was abducted and held captive by two men, who were riding in a green van. But during the investigation, and faced with the many gray areas, she finally confessed to having lied about her disappearance on Friday, November 12. A real twist.

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Questioned by the police, the young woman explained that she spent the evening of her alleged kidnapping at her grandmother’s house. Exclusive information delivered by BFMTV. It is not yet known whether the latter was present at her home or whether Lisa had taken refuge there alone. As for her bloody clothes, the teenager confessed that she had injured herself in a way “accidental” and that she had armed herself with a pair of scissors to cut out your t-shirt. The justice announced that it would be the subject of a procedure for denunciation of imaginary infringement, punishable by six months of imprisonment and 7,500 euros of fine.

According to our colleagues from Parisian, the young Lisa would have claimed to be still traumatized by an assault which occurred during a burglary at the family home in 2019. According to her statements, she would have come face to face with the criminals, who jostled her before leaving with nothing to steal. This tragic event could be at the origin of his lie.

As for the entourage of the high school student, he said he was shocked by this far-fetched story. It turns a lot, we all talk about it a bit on our side “, said a classmate of the young woman to Free noon. We are in total incomprehension, we try to know and understand, we all worried “, added another. Instructions were given in his school. In order not to embarrass Lisa, teachers and students should not bring up this matter, we learned in Release.

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