Joelma’s daughter exposes details of her mother’s treatment after the singer’s hospitalization

Joelma’s daughter, Natalia Sarraff explained her mother’s hospitalization and gave details about the treatment. The singer was diagnosed with esophagitis, gastritis and edema. The condition is a result of complications possibly related to the fourth Covid-19 infection.

“Hi, peeps, how are you? I’m home today, okay? I came here just to reassure everyone, thank God! Mom is fine, getting better and better. The swelling is fine too, it’s going away, and every day that passes, she is stronger, as always,” he said.

Natalia reassured fans about Joelma’s painting. “She just has to be under observation even to medicate herself properly, eat well, so be carefree, beauty? Keep your heart in peace, calm, that our warrior remains firm and strong, a warrior as always!”, he guaranteed.

“I have dark circles under my eyes, I’ve never had it. Today I’m going to stay at home and take the opportunity to rest”, he added.

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