Joe Biden: at 79, the American president tested positive for Covid-19 despite "his 4 doses of vaccine"

It is by the White House that we learn this July 21 the news. At 79, Joe Biden “tested positive for Covid-19”. Do not panic, the American president only presents “very mild symptoms” informs us the White House. As for Dr. Kevin O’Connor, doctor to the president, he said that Jill’s husband had “a runny nose and a dry cough” and clarified that he expected the President to respond well to the antiviral drug Paxlovid.

The White House also added that Joe Biden had been “fully vaccinated”, in other words twice, and that he received “two boosters” or two more vaccines. The man who recently threatened Vladimir Putin in an attempt to free a famous sportswoman “wrongly detained” in Russia therefore had four doses of vaccine against Covid-19 in all.

“I spoke to him just a few minutes ago, he is fine”, Jill Biden announced to reporters in Detroit, Michigan, after being tested negative Joe Biden intends to continue his activities by following a strict health protocol. He will work in isolation until he tests negative. For

One more problem for the President whose name is currently sullied by the controversies of his son. Between the revelations of Washington Examine last month which displayed the astronomical sums spent by Hunter Biden to hire the services of Russian prostitutes, then the enormous scandal combining prostitution, drugs and incest which emerged last week… Joe Biden definitely did not the right to a little rest.

Especially since the rumors about his state of health are not empty, with each new appearance, his state of health is spied on. Until recently, it was a video of him that worried. On this one, we see the American president at the end of his speech, totally lost trying to find someone to greet… in a vacuum. A little moment of absence and loneliness that has gone viral. Gilbert Collard, support of Eric Zemmour, even took the opportunity to take him down on Twitter. “Look: the leader of the first army in the world… reassuring!”he had written.

Laura Bertrand

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