Jocelyne, from Rocourt, has been living for a year … without heating or hot water because of a delay at Resa: “I always come across switchboard operators”

When her father died, Jocelyne (58 years old) decides to move in with his mother (92 years old) in the family home in Rocourt. While she is doing renovations there, she submits a request for a gas connection for the house.

His whole file is perfectly in order. But almost a year later, still nothing! Jocelyne contacted Resa on several occasions “but “I always come across switchboard operators who can’t tell me anything, except that they’re going to issue a reminder in my file”.

►► Jocelyne explains to us everything she has endured: here is her testimony (Video)

►► “It’s a mistake”: Resa’s response that we contacted

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