Joaquim’s baby shower, son of Viviane Araujo and Guilherme Militão, exploded the cuteness and we can prove it!

Viviane Araujo and Guilherme Militão held, this Thursday (28), Joaquim’s baby shower. In the final stretch of pregnancy, the couple anxiously awaits the arrival of their first child. On social media, they have already shown how the boy’s room is and even the preparation classes they are taking to welcome Joaquim in the best possible way.

baby shower themeIt was “Charraiá do Joaquim”, a mixture of the traditional event with an arraial. The party was held in a hall in Recreio dos Bandeirantes, a neighborhood in the West Zone of Rio de Janeiro. In the decoration, there was no lack of julina party items (Check out the photos in the gallery above).

Viviane Araujo also thought of a themed look: the actress wore a typical June party outfit in light blue, with fishnet stockings and a crop top, showing her eight-month pregnancy belly.

Viviane Araujo plans normal birth for her son

Joaquim is with birth forecast for september. However, Viviane Araujo has already thought about how she wants the birth of her child to be. In a conversation with her followers, the actress was open to the possibilities.

“By the time we’ll feel how it’s going to be. If everything goes well, I’ll want to have a normal birth, but if I have any complications, of course I’ll do a cesarean. I don’t want to have that exhaustion. I realize that the normal delivery will not happen, I’m going to have a cesarean”.

How did Viviane Araujo get pregnant?

In an interview with the podcast “Grão de Gente”, Viviane Araujo told how the egg donation process was to get pregnant with Joaquim. “I knew I had a problem with ovulation; I didn’t freeze eggs, so it would be difficult at my age, even though I was undergoing treatment to ovulate, and I wanted to go straight to egg donation.”

“This was already clear in my head, it was never a problem, on the contrary, I think it only helps, makes us have more hope to fulfill our dream, our desire to be a mother”, she explained.

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