João Guilherme and Mariana Rios kiss and the web reacts: ‘True meaning of whatever’

João Guilherme and Mariana Rios are enjoying rest days with friends in Fernando de Noronha. On the last night, the artist showed videos recorded during a mime game and appeared accompanied, in addition to Leonardo’s son, by Caio Castro, who after the end of his relationship with Grazi Massafera would have become involved with Mirella, who would also have exchanged kisses with João Guilherme.

But what ended up stealing the show was a photo posted by Mariana on your Instagram. On the click, the singer appears giving João Guilherme a peck, who recently declined an invitation to participate in “BBB 22”. “Oh mom! Look how João Guilherme is at the ball!!!”, he joked while writing the caption of the image.

The photo, which had a sequence posted in Stories, caught the attention of Maisa, who starred with both of them in the next series on Netflix. “What remix of ‘Back to 15’ was that?”, asked the artist laughing. “I’m very well,” stated João Guilherme. “Lucky brat,” guaranteed a follower. “João is passing the squeegee, he doesn’t forgive anyone”, observed one fan, referring to the artist’s single phase, after the end of his relationship with Jade Picon. “That photo is the true meaning of whatever. I’d get them both”, concluded another internet user.

Mariana Rios vented about her reputation as a flirt

If João Guilherme has no problem with being seen kissing at parties and other public places, Mariana Rios prefers to preserve her personal life. Proof of this is that the artist was irritated to see her name involved in news with other famous people, with whom she would have had a relationship.

“I came to bring news that will change your lives. I’m not one to talk about my personal life, but now I felt a certain need because it’s been bothering me. For some time now, my name has been coming out, ‘Mariana is kissing’ , ‘Mariana was seen kissing’, there isn’t a photo, there isn’t a test, every time they put me with a different person. I’m not with anyone, in fact, it’s been a while,” he guaranteed.

Recently, Mariana has been identified as an affair of several personalities, which leveraged her fame as a flirt. She would have gotten involved with Gusttavo Lima when the countryman was separated from Andressa Suita. Then, according to rumors, Mariana had an affair with Neymar, from whom she would have received a bouquet of red roses. More recently, Mariana would have been seen kissing Bruno Montaleone, already in Fernando de Noronha, where the famous spent New Year’s Eve.

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