Joao Gomes at OL, his barber spills the beans

After Dejan Lovren, Olympique Lyonnais is still waiting for its second reinforcement from the winter transfer window. And the name of Joao Gomes, the Brazilian midfielder keeps coming up in conversations.

In a week, the transfer market will close its doors and for the moment, Bruno Cheyrou has not yet given Laurent Blanc the reinforcements he was hoping for to allow OL to experience a second part of the League Championship. 1 more exciting. If Lyon recorded the signing of Dejan Lovren, whose debut is rather successful, since then it has been dead calm, even if the recruitment manager went for an express stay in Rio. It was not for him to take a few holidays, but to reach an agreement with Flamengo concerning the arrival at Olympique Lyonnais of Joao Gomes, the 21-year-old midfielder from the Brazilian club. If the financial agreement has been reached between the two clubs, to the detriment of Wolverhampton, the player seems determined to join the Premier League team. While the case seems to be completely at a standstill, Joao Gomes’ barber has delivered a message.

Joao Gomes packs his bags

Via his Instagram account, Patrick Monteiro, who takes care of the hair maintenance of the Brazilian midfielder, has indeed posted a photo where we see him with Joao Gomes and a message announcing the imminent departure of the Flamengo player. . ” We’ve been taking care of this little guy for 8 years. At the time, our dreams were only on paper, and the main concern was when the next episode of Naruto would be released. Many things have changed since then. But what has never changed is the essence, the humility and the truth of our conversations (…) You deserve the world and you will conquer it. That’s how ninja “, writes, in the form of goodbye, this close friend of Joao Gomes. And immediately, the latter relayed this message on his social networks, thus validating the idea of ​​​​an imminent departure. Knowing that Flamengo only negotiates with Olympique Lyonnais, things could therefore move in the right direction quickly for Laurent Blanc’s team in this case.

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