Joana Marques jokes with Luciana Abreu after “lapse”: “Fortunately I never had…”

Luciana Abreu presented the program “Domingão” last Sunday, November 14, with conjunctivitis. The presenter and singer was like this for 6 hours of broadcast with dark glasses and then resorted to social media to leave a thank you to everyone, for the messages of affection.

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However, when sharing on Facebook, it is possible to see a typo. Instead of “conjunctivitis”, “conjunctivitis” was written and the mishap did not go unnoticed in the eyes of humorist Joana Marques.

On her Instagram account, at Stories, the screenwriter also shared Luciana Abreu’s post and played with the “lapse”: “Fortunately I never had a congiuntivitis”.

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