Joana Marques analyzes (with a magnifying glass) the end of Cláudia Nayara’s business: “I didn’t know it was a crime…”

Cláudia Nayara saw her business on social networks end after a raid that she was the target of and which culminated in the arrest of the singer, who sold counterfeit items in her online store, as she later confessed.

The theme was “analyzed with a magnifying glass” in the heading “Extremely Unpleasant” of Rádio Renascença in the edition of this Friday, March 17, of the program “As Três da Manhã”.

Joana Marques began by recovering the singer’s reactions after the first news, to finish “in style” with an “imitation” of the singer’s direct messages on social networks: “Joana Marques tells us about the sad end of Cláudia Nayara’s business”can be read in the caption of the publication.

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