Joana Freitas reveals weight and anticipates comments: “Before you think it’s below average…”

Joana Freitas decided to challenge her followers and, on the night of this Tuesday, November 22nd, she answered some of the curiosities proposed to her.

The model and digital content creator was, at some point, confronted about her weight and decided to respond, I don’t know before anticipating some comments that may arise after her answer. “I am often asked this question on Instagram, as I think many people are curious, I leave my weight and height here”started writing.

Joana Freitas revealed that she measures 1.74m and weighs 49 kilos and later explained: “In the winter I’m a big eater and sometimes I weigh 51 kilos. But before you think that my weight is below average, let me tell you that I love to cook and I eat really well! There are no nutrition problems here, I’m very fast and I’m lucky in genetics!”.

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