Joana Diniz reveals her boyfriend’s (peculiar) reaction to the new look: “Suffers from jealousy…”

Joana Diniz used her Instagram account, on the afternoon of this Tuesday, June 21, to share the new look with her followers. After four years with black hair, the hairdresser decided to take a risk and now has a new color, in copper tones.

This Wednesday (22), and once she challenged the fans to leave some questions they wanted to see answered by themselves, Joana Diniz was ‘confronted’: “What did your boss think of your new look? It’s just that you’re fucking beautiful”wanted to know one of the netizens.

Joana Diniz then shared the exchange of messages with her boyfriend when she sent him images of the new look and wrote, amused: “He loved it but he (poor thing) suffers from a cyumite syndrome (it’s basic, calm and easy to deal with) but this was the reaction”.

Now see:

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