Joan Collins accuses ex-husband of rape on first date: ‘He wanted to sell me to older men’

Joan Collins was already raped on the first date by Maxwell Reed, with whom she was subsequently married for two years.

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Since then, he would also sell her to rich older men, claims Joan Collins in the new BBC 2 documentary ‘This is Joan Collins’.

The 88-year-old ‘Dollars’ star was 17 years old when she was introduced to 31-year-old actor Maxwell Reed. And she was flattered when the beautiful feted star invited her on a date.

But the mood changed when he took her home in his apartment and according to Joan Collins gave her a rum and cola with the anesthetic drug rohypnol as well as a stack of porn magazines.

In ung Joan Collins.

In ung Joan Collins.
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“The next thing I remember, I was lying on the couch while he was raping me,” Joan Collins said. The Sun.

“Back then my mother would have called it ‘exploiting me’, but today we would call it ‘rape’.”

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Maxwell Reed died in 1974. But before that, he managed to be married to Joan Collins for two years.

“Had I not been so ignorant about sex and how things should be, I would not have married him, but I felt great guilt, so I did,” she says in the documentary.

“The honeymoon was a failure. We look so happy, but inside I was unhappy. “

However, the rape is not the only accusation that Joan Collins makes in ‘This is Joan Collins’. Here she also claims that Maxwell Reed wanted to rent her out to a rich Arab sheik.

‘Max told me:’ he will pay £ 10,000 for one night – and I’ll even have to watch. ‘ I looked at my handsome, disgusting husband and started crying. ‘Never in my life,’ she says.

“I went home to my mother.”

When the couple separated after two years of marriage, Maxwell Reed sued his wife for alimony, believing it was he who had ‘discovered her’ and provided her with a successful acting career.

88-year-old Joan Collins has since been married four times and today lives in a happy marriage with 32-year-old Percy Gibson.

88-year-old Joan Collins has been in a happy marriage with 57-year-old Percy Gibson since 2002.

88-year-old Joan Collins has been in a happy marriage with 57-year-old Percy Gibson since 2002.

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“The age difference meant nothing to us. It was fun, it was great, and Percy and I fell head over heels in love, ”she says of her husband, who was the theater director at a show she starred in in 2000.

‘I have finally found my soulmate. And my final husband. “

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