Jô Soares’ death at 84 is confirmed by the presenter’s ex: ‘He left us’

Jo Soares died at 2:30 am this Friday (5), at the age of 84 (recall the main names that died this year). Considered one of the greatest comedians in Brazil, the presenter had been hospitalized since July 28 at Hospital Sírio-Libanês, in the central region of São Paulo, to treat pneumonia. The cause of death was not disclosed. The information was confirmed by Flavia Pedras, the writer’s ex-wife, on social media.

“Actor, comedian, director and writer Jô Soares passed away a few minutes ago. He left us at the Sírio Libanês hospital in São Paulo, surrounded by love and care. The funeral will only be for family and close friends,” she wrote, posting a photo. by Jô Soares on his Instagram profile.

“So, those who, throughout their more than 60 years of career, have had fun with their characters, repeated their catchphrases, smiled with the sharp intelligence of this comedian, celebrate, make a toast to your life. The life of a guy in love with country where he was born and chose to live, to try to transform, through laughter, into a better place”, he continued.

“Long live my Bitiko, Acorn, Small, Pet, Crap, Fat. You are proud of everyone who shared life with you in some way. I thank the Lords of Time and Space, for having given me the luck to let our lives be cross,” he continued.

“Thank you for the asthma-inducing laughs, for our homes my way, for the trips to the fanciest and craziest places, for the amount of movies you thought I was lucky I didn’t remember to see again, and for the indecent amount of ice cream that we took watching. Thank you forever, for the joys and also for the sufferings we caused ourselves. Even these made us more and better. Eternal love, yours, Bitika “, he concluded.

Remember the career of Jô Soares

José Eugênio Soares was born in Rio de Janeiro on January 16, 1938. He was the only child of businessman Orlando Heitor Soares and Mercedes Leal Soares. He made his television debut in 1956, at age 18, on Rede Record’s “Praça da Alegria” program, where he worked for 10 years. He acted in a single soap opera in his career, Ceará against 007 (1965), giving life to secret agent Jaime Blond.

At Globo, he debuted in 1971 in the humorous “Make Humor, Don’t Make War”. His first program was “Viva o Gordo”, which premiered in 1981 and was on the air until the end of 1987. On SBT, he presented “Jô Soares Onze e Meia” between 1988 and 1999. The following year, he returned to Globo and premiered his “Programa do Jô”, which was on the air for over 16 years.

Jô Soares was an actor, comedian, presenter, writer and director

Over the past 25 years, Jô Soares has become known for being the most famous talk-show host in the country. On TV Globo, he starred in “Programa do Jô”, shown since 2000. He also stood out for being one of the main comedians in the history of Brazil, participating in attractions that made history on TV. Among them, “A Família Trapo” (1966), “Planeta dos Homens” (1977) and “Viva o Gordo” (1981) stood out. In addition, he has written five books, acted in 22 films and is considered a pioneer of stand-up.

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