Jô Soares: Claudia Raia, ex-girlfriend of the presenter, mourns his death

This Friday afternoon (09/05), the actress and dancer Claudia Raia used his Instagram profile to mourn the death of the presenter and writer Jo Soares, who died this morning at the age of 84. Claudia Raia and Jô Soares have dated in the past.

“Receiving the news of Jô’s death was a shock for me. You know those people who we think will always be here, who are eternal? Jô was one of those people for me”, began the artist in the caption of her post, where she shared a video during one of his appearances in “Jo talk show“.

My father, my love, my friend, my adviser… He meant so much to me! His way of facing life, of looking and noticing who was in front of him always inspired me. Genuine attention and our time are one of the most precious things we can give someone. Joe was an expert at this. An inspiring, genius, talented and always available human being. A person who insisted on exalting others, encouraging, holding hands and taking anyone by the arm. You can notice in his interviews: he often held the interviewee’s hand to reassure him,” Claudia continued.

“That was the level of care he had for others! Meeting Jô was a watershed in my life: before him I was Maria Claudia Motta Raia; after him, I became Claudia Raia. artistically baptized me, and that says it all. Today there wouldn’t be a Claudia Raia without Jô. took him to the doctor after seeing a mole on my leg. There I found out it was a melanoma. He really saved my life! It soothes me to know that I always celebrated him in life. I always told him how much I loved her, how much he was, and it will continue to be, important for me, in my trajectory. Today, instead of the laughter we always had together, I feel a huge void. But what will last will not be the sadness for your departure: it will be the longing and the so precious memories that we cultivate . Your legacy will be eternal, Jô. I miss you already. I love you forever!”, final iz.

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