jnu: JNU: New course approved for the study of ‘counter terrorism’ amid protests, know what is the controversy? – amidst opposed, three courses including jnu counter-terrorism courses got approval


  • Protest over ‘counter terrorism’ studies in JNU.
  • Council approved three new courses.
  • Many questions raised by teachers and students.

Three new courses have been added to the curriculum of Jawaharlal Nehru University. The Council of JNU (JNU) has approved all the three courses. Among them, one of the ‘Counter terrorism’ has been approved as a new course, about which there is a dispute going on for the last several days. On Wednesday, September 01, JNU has issued an official notice giving its clarification on this.

The first course ‘Counterterrorism, Asymmetric Conflicts & Strategies for Cooperation among major powers’ was approved during the Academic Council meeting of the University on 17th August. The title has since become a cause for controversy.

These three courses have been approved by the Council of JNU –
1. ‘Counterterrorism, Asymmetric Conflicts & Strategies for Cooperation among major powers’
2. India’s emerging world outlook in the 21st century. (India’s emerging world view in the 21st century)
3. Importance of Science and Technology International Relations. (Significance of science and technology in international relations)

What is the controversy over ‘counter terrorism’ course in JNU?
A section of JNU teachers and students have objected to the introduction of the course, alleging that it is the only form of ‘jihadi terrorism’, ‘radical-religious terrorism’. JNU Teachers’ Association secretary Moushumi Basu had said on Monday that the course should be withdrawn. While speaking on the matter, CPI MP Binoy Viswam had said that BJP, inspired by RSS, is trying to implement a course promoting hatred and propagating racial supremacy. He also asked why there is no mention of ‘Hindu terrorism’ in the syllabus. He has written a letter to the Union Education Minister Dharmendra Pradhan, describing the first subject as wrong in nature. Meanwhile, JNU professor Dhananjay Singh asked ‘why is Islamic terrorism equated with the sense of Muslim identity in the country’.

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JNU told, why it is necessary to ‘counter terrorism’
According to a notice issued by JNU, the objective of the ‘Counter Terrorism’ course for ‘Terrorism, Asymmetric Conflict and Strategies’ is the challenges posed by terrorism to India’s national security and how India can be equipped with an adequate response in case of any eventuality. Yes, but there is a deeper understanding. The way things come out from neighboring countries is very harmful for India’s national security. It is imperative that an educational institution like JNU come forward and create a good group of ‘counter terrorism specialists’. India urgently needs an important group of such experts in this field.”

Explain that this course is among the optional courses, students who want to study International Relations Studies for Masters of Science Dual Degree in School of Engineering can also take this course.

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