JLC Family: An iconic candidate of 10 perfect couples 5 for the casting, it’s surprising

JLC Family

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Credit: Instagram @aqababe

An iconic candidate of 10 perfect couples 5 would be in the cast of the JLC Family season 5 and it’s surprising.

Season 5 of the JLC Family, which was launched on January 3, 2022 on TFX, caused a reaction on the web because in the episodes, Jazz and Laurent come back to the rumors of infidelity that ran over them throughout the year 2021. Suddenly, the two young parents agreed to play fair and tell the whole truth. All this created a lot of tension within the couple, who were able to come together again thanks to the birth of London on December 8. Big twists and turns that Hillary, the great friend of Jazz, could not live live. Milo and Matteo’s mother was absent from the shoot this time because she had other things to manage on her side. On the other hand, it could well be that an emblematic candidate of the show 10 perfect couples 5 either in the casting and it’s surprising.

Aqababe’s Instagram story – Credit (s): Instagram @aqababe

In his Instagram story, Aqababe wrote on January 6, 2022: “And you don’t know that I learned the day before yesterday that Ahmed even made the JLC Family season 5. Ptdrrrrrr but this is too serious, I’m leaving this world”. You will understand, according to the information he may have had, Sarah Fraisou’s ex-husband should appear in the JLC Family. But what for exactly? To find out, we will have to wait a little longer. In any case, the news made the blogger laugh a lot. Indeed, Ahmed is very present in the adventures. Lately, viewers have been able to see it in The Villa of Broken Hearts 5 and 6, The Holidays of Angels 4, The battle of couples 3, 10 perfect couples 5 and maybe even soon in The Villa of Broken Hearts 7, according to the latest rumors.

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10 perfect couples 5: Ahmed quickly found his place in the adventure

In 10 perfect couples 5, Ahmed quickly found his place. And if he seems interested in Sarah Lopez for now, he has not said his last word with his exes, Lila Taleb and Anissa. So, will he find his perfect match? The young man will do everything to find the one that best suits him according to science.

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