Jisoo won over the Snowdrop cast with her pleasant personality

As Jisoo played Young Ro in Snowdrop, she managed to hit it off with her peers on set and the chemistry on set became wonderful, what is the idol like on film?

The K-Drama of JTBC continues in emotion, but while the story takes us on a roller coaster of emotions, little by little the amazing friendships that emerged in the recordings have come to light and also how well they got along Jisoo With everyone.

We first saw the idol posting photos with her classmates cast from Snowdrop and then came the fun-filled behind-the-scenes. Later we got a surprise when Jisoo and Jung Hae In They shared photos of themselves taken by their co-star, but the good memories don’t stop there.

This time it was the actress Kim Hye Yoon who made it clear how nice it was to work with the idol in this drama and here you can find out everything he said.

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Jisoo gets the compliments on the set of Snowdrop

The girl is not only demonstrating her acting skills with her first leading role in a drama, but this opportunity also served for more people to discover how amazing it is.

In an interview with Star1 Magazine, Kim Hye Yoon confessed that the member of BLACKPINK He is the person with whom he created the best connection throughout the filming and it was all thanks to the idol’s way of being.

According to this celeb, the actress who plays Young Ro is calm and has a bright personality, but Jisoo was also so friendly that she made her classmates feel very comfortable around her, starting with Kim Hye Yoon herself. AWW!

Snowdrop characters. | Source: Instagram @jtbcdrama

Who is Kim Hye Yoon in Snowdrop?

In the Korean drama, this actress plays Kye Boon Ok, she is a girl who attends college with Young Ro and we even saw her on the blind date at the beginning of the story, however there are many secrets behind her. her.

The girl is actually a telephone operator in the bedroom and as we advance in the plot little by little the true interests of this character come to light.

Are you closely following the chapters of this story? We recently told you that a secret of Jisoo and Jung Hae In came to light, know the details of what has happened in Snowdrop.

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