Jisoo discovers her new talent in Snowdrop, what is it about?

Snowdrop’s filming had unforgettable moments, Jisoo also learned what her new talent could be and here you can see how she practices it.

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The idol of BLACKPINK He is currently starring in the Korean series under the name of Snowdrop, the JTBC production was filmed in its entirety before the airing of its episodes began and along with the advancement of the story, we have also been able to get a little into the set.

Every week they are revealed behind the scenes that allow us to know how the scenes were filmed, as well as the good chemistry between the actors that make up the cast. Given the Jisoo and Jung Hae In They are in charge of the main roles, much of the scenes are in their charge, but in the middle of the breaks they can both learn new things along with the production.

It was so in the most recent clip published by JTBC about the K-Drama, we saw the singer of K-Pop put into practice a new talent and as he did so his amazement was impossible to hide.

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Jisoo becomes Snowdrop’s cameraman

After filming a scene with actor Jung Hae In, they both worked on close-ups to get the shots finished, but after that they both stayed on set and Jisoo he took the opportunity to change facet.

This time he did not appear in front of the cameras, but behind them, because with the help of the staff he firmly held the camera and ventured to know how the work of the cameramen is carried out.

The girl showed shocked reactions to what she saw and the way the setting changed with the lighting, causing others to become more interested in showing her the entire process behind her work in creating the drama.

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Jisoo and Jung Hae In go from romance to fun

In this behind the scenes we saw the protagonists film confrontations and also some moments that show that their love is still present, but as soon as the sound of the cut comes in the voice of the director, everything turns to laughter and fun.

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