Jirásek’s secret war with Troška! A touching apology on the deathbed

It was not only disagreements concerning political convictions that broke the imaginary thread of friendship between Jiřina Jirásková († 81) and Zdeněk Troška (68). It is rumored that later Jirásková wanted to distance herself from the roles that Troška had let her play – especially with the Sun trilogy, Hay did not want to have anything to do. Relationships settled just before her end.

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When he got Troška recommendation to have Jirásek did not occupy, the actress allegedly cried. At the time, he was even interceding for the Union of Dramatic Artists. But then Jirásková became the director of the Vinohrady Theater, she became friends with influential people from abroad and gave Trošek a ruthless wall!

Arguments about gold and jewelry after Jirásková: Who stole them?

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“She grew up, Jiřinka. She grew up and was ashamed of her performance in the Suns, “ the director said in Parliamentary letters. Jirásková allegedly refused any connection with Trošek’s films. She also complained at Febiofest: “What I played as a role in theater, on television, in film. But everyone remembers me as Teacher Hubičková. “

Troška was even more surprised when, after years, Jirásková called him out of nowhere: “She said that she was … beef and that she was very happy that she played in it and that people know her, that they thank her. So I don’t get angry. She died in about 14 days, “said Troška.

Nurse Jirásková: “Heiress Jiřinka robbed!”

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