Jin from BTS: this is how he prepares for war in the military barracks

Jin from BTS He entered the Army of his country on December 13, 2022. K-pop star He has almost completed his first month in the military service where he has been doing his basic training, as dictated by South Korean regulations.

Kim Seokjin, Known by his stage name Jin, he is the oldest member within bts. That is why the artist was the first to report for military service to fulfill his obligation. A situation that has not been easy for the ARMY, who have shown that they miss the united band.

Jin You must complete your five weeks of training before joining a unit. Faced with this situation, his fans want to know the situation of the idol within the recruitment center. How is the BTS member? Here we tell you.

Jin reported on Tuesday, December 13 for his five weeks of training before joining a unit (Photo: Jin / Instagram)


After turning 30 in December 2022, Jin entered the military to fulfill his duty as every male citizen of South Korea.

The BT member had to enter the South Korean military service at the training camp in Yeoncheon where the service is two and three months shorter compared to the Navy and the Air Force.

According to the South Korean press, Jin has shown great performance in Yeoncheon. In fact, the young man has been chosen by his classmates as the new trainee company commander in the military service.

This is how Jin looks after having entered the South Korean Military Service (Photo: Weverso)

This is how Jin looks after having entered the South Korean Military Service (Photo: Weverso)

Jin has had to endure heavy training, as shown by the recent images that have gone viral on social media by the Army. In them we can see the young man undergo rigorous training to be promoted on January 6, 2023.

The South Korean television network, “YTN on TV”, revealed that company commander trainees are chosen by the trainees themselves (companions). In terms within the army, Jin would be something of a leader within the group.

As part of South Korean military training, Kim Seok-jin must deliver instructions to his group, salute at roll call, among other duties.

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