Jimmy Bøjgaard buys Ulla Essendrop out of shared house

TV host Ulla Essendrop and sports commentator Jimmy Bøjgaard have agreed on the value of their shared house. DKK 8,235,032.

Now Jimmy Bøjgaard has chosen to buy his ex out of the couple’s former shared home in Dragør. And it’s not a small wad of money that he has to get rid of.

It writes See and listen.

According to the media, which has obtained new data from Tinglysningen, the sports commentator has spent a total of DKK 4,117,516 to buy out the DR host. Of this, 1.5 million is a cash amount, whereby the remaining 2.6 million kroner is an assumption of debt.

In the autumn came the shock news from the couple that they had gone their separate ways, and here Jimmy Bøjgaard confirmed that it had happened peacefully.

“We have peacefully and tolerably decided to continue our couple race as friends,” it read.

Ulla Essendrop and Jimmy Bøjgaard managed to form a couple for ten years and together have a five-year-old son, Theodor.

At the time, Ulla Essendrop told that the couple would continue to be together about their son’s life and upbringing.

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