Jimin will have a special place in Jeju that all ARMYs will love to visit

Jeju Island has closely witnessed the impact of the popularity of Jimin and BTS, now the idol has a special place in this area of ​​South Korea and many attractions for ARMY.

Just a few weeks ago, the boys from BTS they opened their personal Instagram accounts and in the week of Christmas, Jimin He posted a collection of photos that showed us a bit of what he was doing in his spare time.

The idol posed at different points of Jeju and little by little these places began to attract attention, since more than one ARMY He felt motivated to visit the island and recreate the images of the idol, or simply visit the same places where he was.

However, this opportunity did not go unnoticed, because while the tenants of the area saw an increase in visits from tourists, they also decided to dedicate a special place for the interpreter of Filter.

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Jimin has his own photo zone in Jeju

One of the most visited sites is the street where the idol posed for a photo with a muralSince many are coming to admire this same painting on one of the walls, it was decided to paint another one in honor of the artist, tracing his name in purple tones and his silhouette.

Jimin mural in Jeju. | Source: Twitter @jimin95luv

This is not only one more attraction for those who visit Jeju, but also a thank you to the singer because it motivated many to tour the area, thus benefiting the merchants who had been facing low sales. Would you like to visit this place?

Jimin tour in Jeju

While many are happy with the idea of ​​going to the site where both murals are placed, the Jeju Tourism Organization has also presented a tour of Jimin, including the different spots where the idol is known to have been.

The tour includes the restaurant where the idol ate and left an autograph, the place where the singer took a break on a bench, Snoopy’s park and of course, the mural area. Wow

Jimin in a park in Jeju. | Source: Instagram @jm

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